Korean Words [From Cheonsa: 1004: Angel]

Hi! So, as promised, here is the glossary of Korean words. I will update this post along with each chapter with a time-stamp of the update. Just to make it easier for everyone. Please feel free to comment about your favorite Korean dramas or musicians (because we love the stuff and the conversation will be…

Cheonsa | 1004 | Angel [Intro]

Hello we are Cheonsa! We are a 12 member boy group from Japan and South Korea. We are signed to Senju Entertainment. Please tune in to our story and follow our daily lives! Look out for polls and group trivia, since they will be linked to our backstories, personality profiles and song instrumentals! Don’t forget…

The First Time: Alone

He’d  always known.

He’d always known, but he’d somehow never really known. But as Caleb watched the chaos in front of him, the truth was never so real as it was now.

He was alone.

Up and Running

Welcome to my blog, where I hope to entertain, inspire and work along with you all with my stories!